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How To React In Case of Emergency

A day can go on as routinely as it can. Amazingly, a normal day can also change in just a flick of a second. From routine to disastrous real quick, an emergency can happen on a seemingly calm day, to the very unsuspecting people.

And with this nature of emergencies, knowledge, and preparation do come handy. It’s best to have a clear state of mind and have a set of wisdom to save your life and the lives of others when emergencies strike.

1. Keep calm during emergency situations.

It sure is easier said than done to keep calm in the event of an emergency. But for so long, maintaining your own composure during emergencies is a big help. When people panic, the situation almost always take a turn for the worse. Keeping calm and putting on a clear state of mind lets you assess the situation better, allowing you to think of a solution or a temporary remedy.

2. Survey the scene.

Once you have established your calm, keep an eye out on the surroundings. Check the impact of the emergency on the environment. Assess if the impact has been minimal or great. Also, see if the place is still safe to stay at or it would be the best for everyone to leave and evacuate.

3. Call for help.

While you need to be your own hero when an emergency happens, you need to let the right people handle the whole situation as much as possible. Arm yourself with first-aid knowledge, just until help comes. Taking the whole situation into your hands is not really advisable, as it can lead to more disastrous outcomes. Know what you can handle and know what you should leave alone.

There is no way to prevent emergencies. Preparation is the best tool to at least make it safely through an emergency or uneventful circumstance that will surely get the best of us.

Help is always on the way. Airgurus is a 24/7 helicopter service provider. We ship medical supplies and relief goods. We also provide evacuation services. Keep our hotlines with you for emergency purposes.


Ways to Communicate in Case of Emergency

When emergency strikes, depending on the gravity of the situation, communication becomes a vital piece of survival. It’s the fine line between being saved or sadly, perishing. That’s why the need to communicate at all costs can’t be stressed well enough.

As always, maintaining a clear state of mind during an emergency is still the number one thing everyone should do. The next thing is to communicate.

Here are ways to communicate in the event of an emergency. Most of these require preparation early on, so take note of these tips.

  1. Find out the kind of landline service that you use.

Mind you that newer telephone services run on electricity. Once power source has been cut out, you won’t be able to communicate through these. If you’re using the older, traditional phones, on the other hand, you may be able to utilize these phones even if the power is out. However, take note that this is only for traditional phones that have cords. Cordless phones may still require electricity to work. That’s why it is highly advised to know what kind of telephone service you are using.

  1. Keep your mobile phones charged.

Wherever you go, always bring a charger or a power bank to prevent your phone from dying. If you can, keep an emergency phone in your car. Make sure it is within your access so that you can reach for it easily when the need arises.

  1. Invest on broadcasters.

If you can afford it, you may want to buy broadcasters or portable digital televisions. These gadgets are an ideal source of news in case of emergencies. You may want to buy one that is battery-operated.

  1. Know who to call.

Keep a set of numbers that you can call when a -disaster occurs. Include AirGurus on your list of emergency contact. AirGurus is Philippines’ number one air ambulance provider and helicopter. We operate 24/7 to your avail.

  1. Allow a 10-second interval between calls.

Calling a certain number for multiple succeeding times can cause increased network congestion. If your first attempt at a call wasn’t successful, call again after 10 seconds or better yet, a full minute.

When emergencies occur, always find a way to communicate. Communication is one of the more important aspects of living, even without the occurrence emergence The presence of one just stresses the significance of being able to communicate. Communicate your emergency with us at Airgurus. We provide air ambulance transport services. For a complete list of our services, please visit our website now or contact us at +632 274 9758 and +63 917 885 7911.


The Importance of Air Ambulance on Search and Rescue Operations

Planning for disaster risks and reduction is very important. There should always be a contingency plan for every disaster. Moreover, a concrete strategy must be made in terms of evacuation, search and rescue operations. This is where the importance of air ambulance on emergency situations comes in.

Air ambulances are very instrumental when it comes to search and rescue operations.

Search and Rescue (SAR) is a unique service. It is performed in the most challenging circumstances by highly trained individuals. It is also the search and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger.

The Philippines has a long history of natural disasters such as flooding due to typhoon, earthquakes, as well as fires. These dangers affect some of the most remote and inaccessible areas. Helicopters are the best vehicles when the area is not passable by ambulances or other land vehicles.

An air ambulance is the best vehicle for search and rescue operations. It basically comes with medical tools and supplies as well as highly trained medical personnel.

Search and rescue operations are also applicable for accidents like:

  • sunken ships
  • trapped mountaineers
  • stranded wildlife in the middle of a landslide or forest fire.
Airgurus houses the best air ambulances in the Philippines . You can be sure that these are all well-equipped and always ready to attend to emergency situations.

Our helicopters provides emergency evacuation and medical assistance. We can also provide fodder drops for isolated livestock, aerial mapping of possible survivors, and delivery of medical supplies. In addition, our flight crew includes some of the most experienced flight paramedics in the field.

Airgurus Bell 206- L3 helicopter is the only helicopter in the Philippines with a litter kit or Double deck stretcher. It also features state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Airgurus’ experience in rescue is extensive. We have the right aircraft and the best people. We also have the latest technology and the most extensive experience.

Choose AirGurus when it comes to your need on air ambulances! We are ready whatever it takes!


How Your Brain Reacts During an Emergency

If one thought about it clearly, any kind of emergency can be deduced to a matter of perspective. The gravity of a situation can vary, depending on how you look at it. Of course, any kind of life-and-death circumstance is considered grave. But sometimes, what sets the difference between living and dying is how the people involved responds to the emergency.

This is actually how the average brain reacts in the event of an emergency.

First things first: what do you do? There is a need to know what to do in the given situation. And so, you decide. The brain becomes rattled with different options. And each option is influenced by a lot of factors. A person undergoes three major stages before arriving at a decision.

1. Denial

Have you ever felt like wanting to just disappear from where you stood at the onset of an emergency? You may have uttered ‘This is not happening!” a hundred times, but you’re still at the very same spot you despise. This is the denial stage and experiencing that is completely normal. But this stage is also quite hard to get through. Without the actual events sinking in, the person cannot act to do something about the emergency. This is why one of the first reminders in encountering an emergency is to maintain a calm mind. In the state of panic, the brain’s ability to create a sound judgment is hindered, and can even put everyone in even grave danger.

2. Deliberation

Once actual events have sunk in, time to think things through. What are your options? Will this work? Will that work? If Plan A has a loophole, Plan B may be better. But in this stage, the brain will have to work fast and process every option within a matter of a few minutes, depending on how urgent the need for an action is. Again, if the emergency involves the life or lives of people, a prompt analysis of every action possible is needed.

3. Decisive action

You have actually decided upon an option. What’s next? Take action. Do what you have to do. But make sure that you stay calm and channel any form of anger into an energy that you can use to get your plan into action.


One rule of thumb is to maintain a clear state of mind. Once you were able to do that during an emergency, you will be able to save a lot of lives and property if it ever comes to it. Also, call for help if you know you cannot handle it.

In times of emergency, feel free to contact Airgurus over the following:

+632 624 8274

+632 274 9758

+63 917 885 7911

+63 925 889 2987



What Else Does Airgurus Provide?

Airgurus has been established as a provider of 24/7 emergency medical transportation. It is known to be a support and air ambulance service for quite a while now. We enable ourselves to give service to those who need our professional practice. We serve regardless of how much effort it takes to do so.

In addition, Airgurus has a lot of other services that should interest the general public.

Take a look at what else Airgurus has to offer.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours are now available here in the Philippines. Airgurus can actually provide you with this rare tour. You can now have safe and secured luxury tours from Manila to any point in the country. Moreover, you can also enjoy a view of the Philippine archipelago from an aerial perspective.

Aerial photography
You can subscribe to Airgurus’ aerial photography for any applications. Whether its for an event coverage, a shooting, or just a hobby, we’ve got you covered. Get the perfect shot of the landscape or the area at the perfect angle! Visit our website to inquire for the right aircraft suited for your activity and needs.

Film and TV work

Nothing should be compromised in the field of film and television. This industry can be quite competitive and a challenge at times. So, a lot of means to properly capture the perfect scene in the perfect backdrop is utilized. And that sometimes includes aerial footage. In addition, you can trust on Airgurus to be an aid to your success for your film. We can even provide you with pre-flight planning needs and other things concerning the aerial film and television and production.

Search and Rescue (SAR) operations

This kind of service is indeed out of the ordinary and entails a lot of caution and precision. Hence, you can be assured that all of our people here in AirGurus are highly trained to handle the most challenging situations and consequences.

Human remains/cadaver transport

There are situations that require the transfer of a deceased human body. Airgurus also provides this kind of service. We transport the deceased body from one location to another and handle the cadaver with the utmost respect.

Cloud seeding

Airgurus also offers clouding services. It is a scientific technique that involves dropping of chemicals or small objects into clouds to help induce rain. This service is done by highly trained pilots to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Heli Sports

Heli sports involves a diverse range of sports including heli golf, heli biking, and heli diving.

In addition, you can instantly reach any of the premier Philippine golf courses of your liking without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic. Moreover, you will be able to reach golf courses and country clubs located in hard to track places, instantly.

Heli biking offers another fun experience for the biker in you. Our pilots will drop you and your guide off to a remote destination. You can enjoy a thrilling bike ride adorned with a gorgeous view. You don’t have to worry or be scared because heli biking is both for the experienced and novice riders out there.

Heli diving is not for the weak heart. A minimum of 10 logged dives is required for you to be able to try this enthralling activity. Calling out extreme diving enthusiasts out there!


AirGurus is your best aircraft buddy!

We value your safety as we serve with the best services that will cater your needs! AirGurus remains committed on serving its clients with top caliber equipment and personnel. We do not compromise the quality of our work in any way and always makes it a point that we are doing are best in every situation.


There’s a wide variety of services that Airgurus provides. Furthermore, these services are also wholeheartedly done to our clients’ content. AirGurus is your best partner in terms of aircraft needs. Contact us now for more information!

Visit our Services page for more details!

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