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When choice and flexibility are your priority, private charter is a practical, cost-effective means of conducting business. VIP aircraft charter has many advantages over scheduled and commercial airlines. For a corporate travel or small group travels, we are not restricted by anything but what you might need. Our tailored service gives you the luxury of choice.

Travel in comfort and style with a range of VIP service such as transfers to and from the airport by helicopters, for landing or take off from remote areas such as hotel and restaurant helipads, hospitals, yacht, golf courses, city center helipads and any other prime venue. Multiple locations can be accessed in a single day.

Our dedicated VIP account managers tend to each detail providing the discreet and attentive service you expect. We also arrange the appropriate mode of transportation to and from destinations which do not require air transport. Forget stressful travel arrangements, with Airgurus we guarantee air logistics supremacy. We understand that when it comes to you, a charter flight is more than a luxury it’s a necessity.

All your needs will be handled by personable staff for a stress free experience.

As the trusted leading air charter company, Airgurus’ commitment to every inquiry and booking is given unique attention. We make your safety our guarantee with contingencies in place for every reason from technical checks, to weather conditions, or last-minute itinerary adjustments. We ensure you get to where you need to be on time, every time!

Airgurus Ltd. Co. always works within the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) ensuring that every aircraft utilized works within strict guidelines in terms of aircraft management schedules, correct insurance policies, etc.

We offer the complete professional service.



The Best Way To Fly

Also known as medical evacuation, air transport provides swift response to medical emergencies, trauma and disasters. Airgurus is the only full time air ambulance company in the Philippines that owns and operate their own aircraft. Our aircraft are like flying ICU’s that can cater to a wide variety of emergency cases whether on land or over water, day or night.

Serv Airambu02

This is where it all starts, on standby 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days in a year our agents are ready to take your calls and emails. Once we receive the request or inquiry we immediately give our partners and clients available options that would fit their needs, requirements and budget. Better known as the command center we provide minute to minute update if required since all our air ambulances as well as ground ambulance have real time tracking system that enables us to provide not only the receiving facility accurate time of arrival but also let family members know the status of their love ones.

Parapac 310+

Parapac 310+

The PARAPAC 310 plus gives you the versatility to deliver oxygen therapy, CPAP, demand oxygen and mechanical ventilation all from one compact, lightweight unit. The PARAPAC 310 plus is designed for the most demanding environments: Emergency, Ambulance, Aircraft, Hospital and MRI. This ventilator is tested and approved for these extreme situations to ensure the optimum patient care can be delivered by the user. The PARAPAC 310 plus is the latest addition to the Pneupac® range offering the reliability you expect.

GE iVent 201 Digital Ventilator

GE iVent 201 Digital Ventilator

One of the most versatile ICU class ventilators on the market. With its comprehensive list of standard features, including the latest modes of ventilation, the iVent201 is appropriate for all levels of patient acuity, from pediatric through adult, and in all care settings, from the patient’s bedside to transport to another point of care. With its highly featured transport capability and rugged construction, the iVent201 takes ICU ventilation outside of the confines of the hospital. Optimized NIV and the Adaptive Flow* & Adaptive I-Time* help caregivers maximize patient comfort and synchrony.

LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

The LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator is the new standard in emergency care for ALS teams who want the most clinically innovative, operationally innovative & LIFEPAK TOUGH device available today. The 15 integrates Masimo Rainbow SET technology that monitors SpO2, Carbon Monoxide & Methemoglobin, includes a metronome to guide CPR compressions & ventilations & provides an option to escalate energy to 360J. An entirely new platform, the 15 is powered by Lithium-ion battery technology, incorporates the SunVue display screen for viewability in bright sunlight, & data connectivity to easily & securely collect & send patient information. Similar form factor & user interface with the LIFEPAK 12 defib/monitor will ease transition & training costs.

Powerheart® AED G3 Plus

Powerheart® AED G3 Plus

The Powerheart® AED G3 Plus is the flagship Cardiac Science automated external defibrillator (AED) that features Rescue Ready®, RescueCoach™ and STAR® biphasic technology to make your rescue as simple as possible. Available in automatic and semi-automatic models, this AED is ideal for lay rescuers to use in public access defibrillation areas such as schools, athletic fields, and workplace environments.

Hospira Pluma A+ Infusion Pump

Hospira Pluma A+ Infusion Pump

A proven performer with more than 325,000 pumps installed worldwide, the Plum A+™ general purpose infusion system remains the proven choice for caregivers & clinicians alike. The scalable platform can be initially deployed, & later upgraded to include Hospira MedNet™ safety software to meet your evolving patient care needs. The unique, innovative PlumSet™ cassette technology & time-saving features simplify medication delivery and help to enhance safety for patients, clinicians & caregivers.

Laerdal Suction Unit

Laerdal Suction Unit

Setting the standard for suction units, the Laerdal Suction Unit is used all over the world by countless providers. For ease of use in difficult situations, the LSU has a built in suction indicator for the correct vacuum needed for children, in the form of color coding. In extreme situations the LSU can reach a vacuum of 500 + mmHg and has a flow rate of >25 LPM, exceeding International Standards. Combined with the extra- large dial for ease of use with large gloves, the LSU enables providers to quickly select the correct amount of suction for any given situation. The suction unit’s quiet running and shock & splash proof design makes it an excellent option in nearly all settings.



Serv Helitours01

Airgurus Ltd. Co. offers safe, secure, luxury helicopter tours from Manila to the most secluded destinations all over the Philippines. With 7,107 islands through the sunrise, midday, or sunset tour there is just as much to enjoy and much more to see.

Serv Helitours02

The Philippines has not yet been fully developed as a tourist destination so there is much that is yet to be fully explored. The country’s scenic white beaches, beautiful mountains and interesting cultural backdrop have so much to discover.

Serv Helitours03

Our highly-skilled pilots and capable staff know where the ideal locations are for every traveller. With a selection of white sand beaches, beautiful mountain ranges, rainforest and wonders of the world the adventure can be as fantastic as the imagination.

Serv Helitours04

A wide array of aircraft and helicopters caters to the unique needs of tourists. With Airgurus, we give them the total quality service and everything their money is worth.

Serv Helitours05

Take that fantasy getaway with Airgurus, the leader in helicopter tour services.

Sling Load Operations


Serv Slingload01

Airgurus Ltd. Co. is the leading helicopter charter company in the Philippines. We have the experience to provide you with all your sling load and lifting needs.

From high-rise and penthouse needs, rooftop placements, general construction and concrete placements, cellular tower construction, air conditioning unit installations, remote access materials, construction lift, transmission power line installations to anything else off the ground we have the capability for the job.

  • Airgurus’ ground crew can ensure your load is safely and accurately placed where you want it. Our service can keep your cost to a minimum. Helicopters are a more cost effective solution than land-based cranes in certain situations. When you choose air transport as a means for your sling load transfer, Airgurus understands that for you, time is truly of the essence.

    Once you select the time and location, whether locally, regionally or nationwide, we will handle the process for you. All items being transported to remote areas are slung under helicopters on a long line for safe and dependable delivery. Our Management Team will give you a competitive quote on that next lift job. Remember that Airgurus offers solutions for a variety of rigging for lift operations.

Serv Slingload03

At Airgurus Ltd. Co., the combination of helicopter capability and our professional pilot skills to hover with loads slung beneath has allowed us to reach to inaccessible places, conduct offshore operations and even save lives!



Serv Aerial01

Whether it is a hobby for a photographer, a part of a memorable trip, event coverage, geological survey or mapping, business, aerial photography is about getting the right angle for documentation.

Serv Aerial03

Airgurus, just as the name implies, are masters of the air. We can provide you with helicopters and a selection of aircraft suitable for anything such as listed:

  • Sports Coverage
  • Maintenance Records
  • Air & Sea Port Maintenance
  • Construction Documentation
  • Design Visualization
  • Law Enforcement
  • Precision Vertical Mapping
  • Rail Design
  • Public Health & Safety
  • Utilities Inventory
  • Unstable Soil Detection
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Agricultural Manangement
  • Bridge Deck Studies & Records
  • Courtroom Litigation
  • Ferry Terminal Documentation
  • Pavement Studies & Survey
  • Public Outreach
  • Roadway Inventory
  • Traffic Routing & Studies
  • Wildlife & Marine Documentation
Serv Aerial03

The use of precise perspective images to accentuate a project’s finer points is something we have done for ourselves such as when our own helicopters and aircraft are handling medical evacuations, charters, film and TV work and many other events. Our experience can help you when you need that unique personal touch.

Serv Aerial04

Getting the perfect aerial photograph is an art from. We can provide the transport and even the photographer for your convenience.

Serv Aerial05

For your documentation needs, get the aerial expertise of the trusted leaders in the industry. Please contact us for a quote.



Serv Filmtv01

Aerial film and TV work requires the delicate touch of Airgurus. Our helicopters and aircraft can easily be modified to attach specialized shooting equipment.

Airgurus Ltd. Co. can provide you with the best aerial footage or film work that you need to make your production a success. If needed, we can even provide you with cameramen along with the helicopter/s and experienced pilot/s to capture your aerial footage.

Serv Filmtv02

Whatever the photo objective our professional aviation can deliver excellent aerial filming. Our services also includes pre-flight planning and considers the optimum altitude, camera angle, sun direction and other critical factors to produce the best aerial footage. We are here to guide you during the planning stages to get the most out of your experience with us.



Serv Flighttrain01

Learn to fly with the masters of the air, Airgurus. Our strict training regimen is meant to make the best professional helicopter pilot possible. We give access to the very best flying environment that will make certain you get the complete training experience.

Serv Flighttrain02

Backed up by experience in the industry, our instructor pilots are sought out experts in their own specialization. Every instructor is duly licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. With our knowledge and expertise, we also cater helicopter/rotary training. The component of our courses ranges from Ground Schooling, Student-Pilot, Private-Pilot, Commercial-Pilot License to Instrument Ratings. Our modules are formulated to cater to you. The materials needed and helicopter maintenance strictly follows the procedures and standards of “CAAP”. A student of Airgurus must complete the 50 hours of flying time for a Private-Pilot Licence, 100 hours for Commercial-Pilot License and pass the CAAP examinations. Our valued students get the best training possible. Airgurus has produced highly-trained, skilled and competent helicopter pilots in record time possible without compromising the knowledge and skills needed.

Serv Flighttrain03

At Airgurus, our students benefit from the extensive variety of aviation experience held by our instructors through proper action. We train our students by procedure, skills and correct judgment. With Airgurus, our helicopter flight training is only the beginning of creating a safe and professional pilot.



Serv Aircargo01

We take pride in being one of the fastest and most reliable cargo charter services in the country. We provide the most comprehensive service and efficient staff to resolve all your cargo needs.

Our flight crew is well-equipped to deliver to the most remote places through the most demanding situations in the shortest time possible. We involve you in planning the logistics of the trip to make sure that everything is according to your needs. From pick-up to delivery, our flight crew is always on standby.

Serv Aircargo02

All helicopters in our service are installed with the latest GPS navigation and tracking systems to ensure that your cargo is delivered even through hostile strikes or unpleasant weather conditions. We understand the value of your business and the importance of your cargo. For the most cost effective solutions we offer packages to suit your needs and fit your budget. We provide you with personalized delivery to multiple locations. We will find the best solution to your time-critical cargo delivery and hazardous cargo transportation needs. We are a company that believes in providing outstanding reliable service to forge a lasting business relationship.

As an additional service, our helicopter can also transport loads suspended from a cargo hook. This unique transportation method allows delivery to the most remote areas making it possible to perform highly-specialized tasks such as water bucketing, logging, and aerial construction. All our pilots and ground personnel are highly trained to carry-out safe slinging operations.



Serv Explore01

Airgurus Ltd. Co. provides quality charter services dedicated to every customers need. The company aspires to provide a reliable and professional pilot and aircraft for exploration service at the most competitive rate.

In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for seismic drill moving in the Philippines, we currently operate both a Bell 206-L3 and Eurocopter AS-350B for exploration helicopter support. The Bell-206 L3 is a solid personnel transport platform as well as an economical machine for slinging loads of core, drill rods, smaller drill rigs, drill platforms, tools, lumber and supplies. It is the most versatile option in our selection of aircraft with the highest internal and external load capacity, the longest range and the lowest operating cost in its category. All the equipment is unique and owner-operated ensuring it is maintained to the highest standards.

Serv Explore02

Airgurus Ltd. Co has had extensive experience in providing helicopters with the proper flight crew to perform numerous low level survey operations throughout the Philippines.

We are experienced with all seismic front-end work, as well as slinging equipment to ensure that our clients both local and international can be assured we will get the job done right. Through our advanced helicopter drilling and heavy equipment support, we are able to work in the most challenging and remote areas.

Serv Explore03

Our promise is to continually strive for absolute professionalism and outstanding customer service at every level.



Serv Geological01

To deliver premier charter services Airgurus aircraft is equipped with multiple advanced GPS system, radar altimeter, sling hook and video cameras. All these cater to the specific needs of premier land developers, mining and petroleum companies and even government agencies.

Airgurus has the capability and experience to reconfigure its helicopter with advanced and highly specialized equipment for proficiency capable of performing geological survey and mapping. Airgurus team is well-trained to handle delicate specialized equipment to assure our clients their equipment will be handled with the utmost care.

Serv Geological02

Our extensive network of consultants can aide in providing many unique needs.

Clients are flown directly from the pickup to the drop-off site so an aerial survey is possible for convenience, time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility to remote areas. Our dependable service and skill in geological survey and mapping is how we maintain our long lasting relationships. We look forward to starting one with you.



Serv Aerialconstr01

Airgurus Ltd. Co. aerial construction has serviced many clients in different locations through unique service requirements all over the Philippines. Whether your business is in need of communications or power infrastructure upgrades, maintenance, repairing or installing a completely new system, we have experienced contractors for the job. Our aerial construction services are the secure and reliable way to achieve your goals with minimal set-up, cost, and turnover time.

With Airgurus’ diversified fleet of helicopters, professional ground crews and highly-trained pilots, we assure you the job gets done properly the first time. From the onset we carefully plan and work things out with your team before the project begins. We closely coordinate logistics and take the proper measures to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

Serv Aerialconstr02

We operate Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Agusta Westland 109A, Bell 206 Long Ranger, Bell 407 and Eurocopter AS350B helicopters for construction lifts. These aircraft are capable of lifting loads up to 2,000 lbs. in a single pickup.

With our experience and knowledge we guarantee quality aerial construction services anywhere in the Philippines.



Serv Sar01

Helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) is a unique service, performed in the most challenging circumstances by highly trained individuals. It is the search and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. The Philippines has had a long history of natural disaster such as fires and floods. These natural disasters affect some of the most remote and inaccessible areas where search and rescue is most needed. Because of this, we have established our 24/7 fully equipped SAR Team.

Serv Sar02

Our helicopter provides emergency evacuation, medical assistance, fodder drops for isolated livestock, aerial mapping of possible survivors and delivery of medical supplies. Our flight crew includes some of the most experienced flight paramedics in the field. Airgurus Bell 206- L3 helicopter features state-of-the-art medical equipment and is the only helicopter in the Philippines with a litter kit or Double deck stretcher.

Serv Sar03

Airgurus’ experience in rescue is extensive. We have the right aircraft, the best people, the latest technology, the most extensive experience.

We assure you that whatever it takes, we are ready.



Serv Manage01

Airgurus Ltd. Co. introduces a quality aircraft management service program without the management responsibilities. This service provides the minimal aircraft management costs great efficiency and safety for helicopters and aircraft by lifting the burden of administrative, operational and human resource-related issues.

Airgurus Ltd. Co. guarantees the maintenance of your aircraft. Our service spares you from unnecessary expense on fuel, insurance, and crew-training. Our clients can rely on the best operational superiority, wide-range proficiency and dedication to detail.

Aircraft management and consulting is our forte… dedicated to providing safe, cost effective and quality corporate aviation services. Since our business is corporate aviation, we provide the service you need when and how you need it.



If you are in the market to acquire a corporate helicopter or aircraft, Airgurus can help you save time, money and aggravation with assistance from our experts. We are here to help you identify and purchase the right helicopter or aircraft at the right price.

We provide the following:

  • Valuation
  • Financing Analysis
  • Partnership / Fractional Structuring

Airgurus Ltd. Co. will handle every phase of contract negotiations and closing of purchase or sales transaction. This includes everything from letter of intent, marketing agreements and offers, purchase and sales agreements, coordination of pre-purchase inspections and activities, CAAP closing documentation, domestic and international registration documentation, coordination of lenders and escrow accounts, to any and everything needed in any country your aircraft might be purchased from!

We are here to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment. When it comes to corporate or private business aircraft in the Philippines we assess and recommend what is most suitable for you. We also conduct a worldwide search of the best available helicopter and aircraft while supervising every phase of your purchase if you aren’t sure where to begin.



Cloud seeding is a scientific technique of inducing rain by dropping chemicals or small objects into clouds. Airgurus Ltd. Co. can provide the rotor or fixed wing aircraft for your cloud seeding needs.

This service was developed for the agricultural need of farmers. In times of drought crops need to be irrigated to avoid losses. Airgurus offers spraying services which include; fogging, application of agriculture insecticides/pesticides, fertilization to fields and farms, and planting.

All methods are applied by highly trained pilots. Our cloud seeding services are sure to satisfy all your needs. We have made this special service affordable with your needs in mind.

Airgurus would be glad to be a part of your future success.



Serv Aerialspray01

Airgurus Ltd. Co., is dedicated to providing total helicopter and aircraft solutions. We provide only the best for our valued clients.

We provide suitable aircraft that can be customized for agricultural use. This can include aerial application of pesticides (crop dusting) or fertilizer (aerial topdressing). Conversion of aircraft for “crop dusters” or “top dressers” is done by an experienced team. We also provide an agricultural aircraft recently developed for aerial hydro-seeding. Helicopter tankers are also available that can deliver soil-stabilizing hydro-seed or lime mix with the same manoeuvrability, accuracy, and coverage level options.

Serv Aerialspray02

Our spraying services also include “fogging” for public health and/or industrial purposes.

We are here to help you with any and all your spraying needs.



Serv Helitours01

If you’re completely new to heli-sport activities, heli-sporting with Airgurus is the new way to do extreme activities that are fun, safe and affordable. We give personable, flexible, and efficient service… perfect for any thrill-seeker. Our crew guarantees the best service in the air and on the ground.

Airgurus experience with heli sports has been the following:

Serv Helitours02


Why let distance get in the way of a good round of golf? Traveling by road can sometimes take longer than expected. Arrive quickly at any Philippine premier golf courses and get there in style! You might even get to park closer to the club house than the club captain! Some of Philippines’ most highly-regarded golf courses are well off the beaten track or many an hour drive from the nearest airport. With Airgurus heli golf, you combine golf with the ultimate helicopter sight-seeing adventure. Ready now, ready next week, anytime… we are ready when you are.

Serv Helitours03


Heli biking is the combination of a scenic helicopter tour where our experienced pilots drop you, your guide and your bike to a remote destination and you take the thrilling mountain bike ride back. Airgurus offers some of the highest and longest heli bike rides in the Philippines!

Whether you are a novice or an expert mountain biker, a tourist or local, one who loves extreme downhill riding or just enjoying a scenic mountain biking away from the crowd, you will definitely love Airgurus’ heli biking tours!

Serv Helitours04


Ever wonder how it is to fly in via helicopter, jump out into the ocean in your full scuba gear and go for a dive?

Heli dive or heli diving is not for those with faint hearts. To participate in heli diving, you must have at least 10 logged dives. Airgurus organizes the ultimate heli diving experience for extreme diving enthusiasts.

Our company also offers heli fishing, skydiving, and paragliding activities all year round. Get exclusive use of Airgurus helicopters to experience these sports at exotic locations in the Philippines. With the option of helicopter as transportation it makes the logistically impossible… possible!



Serv Helitours01

The last “eye-in-the-sky” news report you saw might very well have been filmed from Airgurus Ltd. Co aircraft. Currently we are the trusted leader in the aviation industry of the Philippines. Our aircraft and helicopters have been used in applications such as police work, television news reporting, instrument flight training, and radio traffic reporting. We have provided you with accurate road condition reporting for traffic congestion, detours and traffic accidents in the past.

Airgurus new state of the art Bell 206L-3 can move from one end of the city to another in minutes. It has been equipped with on-board audio or video editing suites, enabling accurately diagnosed traffic problems help acquire alternative route solutions.

Serv Helitours02

Every Airgurus pilot is an expert at providing accurate information about present conditions prevailing in any particular area. We own a fleet of specialized aircraft, the best pilots, and the latest technology.

We feature an intuitive interface that addresses the need to quickly locate and queue up video from events as they happen. News producers and traffic reporters can adjust flight altitude, viewing angle, while flying over speed, and zoom-in wherever the traffic or other news story is. We can adapt the aircraft so each radio or TV station is provided up-to-the-minute, live report on traffic conditions.



Serv Helitours01

Airgurus has just launched a Flower Dropping service!

Funeral services are a time to celebrate the life of someone we love bid the proper good bye. Nowadays, a modern funeral service is about expressing individuality. No two funerals should be the same, since no two people are the same.

Once a family has decided on the basic structure of the service they want. There are many ways they can handle the arrangements for a more personal touch. Just a few additions can make all the difference in the celebration of a life.

Airgurus Ltd. Co. understands the need of the grieving families to honor their memory in a final tribute. Flower Dropping is a new way to make funeral service special, memorable and meaningful.

Flower Dropping can also for other special occasions like weddings, company launches, fiestas, victory celebrations and anything your imagination can come up with!

Mortal Remains Transfer


Serv Helitours01

Airgurus provides cadaver/human remains transfer from any point in the Philippines. Some religion require upon death of a person that the body should be buried within 24 hours. You can rely and count on Airgurus to provide you with this delicate and sensitive service. Whether the remains is in a hospital, morgue or on a moving vessel out at sea, Airgurus has the aircraft to cater this need.

Cadaver transport is done via body bag due to the limited space in the aircarft cabin particularly the doors.

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